• Marketing

    Brand analyis | Study of brand, competitors, and market context.

    Brand positioning | Definition of brand identity, creation of imagery and choice of brand placement within market context.

    Strategy | Definition of communication operations of the brand and development strategy.

    Target analysis | Analysis of potential target consumers and strategies for reaching them efficiently.

  • Design

    Coordinated communication | Holistic brand identity: from logo to payoff, from headed paper to company profile.

    ATL – Above the line | All of your comms and advertising on classic media: print, television, radio, internet.

    BTL – Below the line | All of your alternative comms: PR, direct marketing, promotions and guerrilla marketing.

    Web | Your web site, always up-to-date and dynamic. Your emailing and all of your comms and advertising via Web.

    Copywriting | Naming, headlines, bodycopy: putting you into words made easy by us.

  • Media

    Media Planning | Planning of advertising and communication on press, tv, radio, internet.

    Viral marketing | An original idea and online word of mouth: alternative comms channel for raising awareness of your brand.

  • Pr

    Social Media Marketing | Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and every social network that can reach your target online.

    Events |Event organisation and stands to promote your brand.

    Press Office | Talking about you and getting people talking about you: press releases, news updates and PR management.

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